Loving Spirit periodically offers free, two-day workshops for adults dealing with grief and loss. They are open to the public by pre-registration only. If you have suffered a major loss in your life, whether from the death of a loved one, a divorce, a career change, or a personal change of some sort, you will learn proven techniques to help you in your recovery process.

These workshops offer grieving adults a safe, nurturing environment to take a close look at loss to understand more deeply how and why we grieve and how to transform the journey of loss into an experience that actually makes us stronger at the broken places. We teach new skillsets, mindsets, and tools you can use to transform your journey of loss. See what others have said about Loving Spirit Workshops.
Each day runs from 9am-4pm.

Experiential Program

This is a hands-on, how-to program designed to help you learn the skills and technique that are best suited for you and your healing. At a Loving Spirit Workshop, each participant will receive: admission to the two-day workshop, a Loving Spirit Workbook, a personalized Myers-Briggs assessment, and an autographed copy of “Loving Allie, Transforming the Journey of Loss.” Participants will also receive an analysis of their personality type to help them understand how they uniquely respond to the stresses brought on my major losses. The MBTI is an online assessment that will be administered after enrollment in the workshop.

Completely Free

These workshops are completely free for participants and are made possible by the generous donations of various  organizations and individuals who desire to contribute to transforming the way we think about, prepare, and respond to grief and/or loss.

Workshop Size
The workshop size is kept intentionally small so that each participant feels seen, heard and validated. To insure that each participant has a meaningful experience, the size of each workshop will be restricted to no more than thirty attendees. So be sure to sign up early as they will fill up quickly.

Also, as a way to make sure individuals get the needed space for their own recovery, we limit the workshops to one participant per family, please.


The Loving Spirit Workshop will give you the benefit of working directly with Dayle E. Spencer during two days of concentrated focus on tools and techniques to recover from major losses in life. Dayle is an experienced workshop leader and has taught internationally in Russia, Australia, Ireland, and Northern Ireland, as well as throughout the United States. The Loving Spirit Workshop is filled with of wisdom and insights honed from over twenty years of experience she gained while co-leading the Maui Transitions Center. Dayle and her husband Will experienced great loss and made it their life’s work to help others recover from theirs.

We also have a cadre of experienced co-facilitators who will be part of the Workshop Team. Every co-facilitator has been through a Loving Spirit Workshop as well as taken our Facilitator Training Program. You will be in good hands throughout the Workshop experience.


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