Corporate Sponsorship

We welcome corporations, companies and other organizations to join with Loving Spirit in offering our workshops in the communities where they are based. We have already partnered with many organizations to co-sponsor our events with great success.

For a donation of $6,000.00, which is tax deductible, a company or other organization can be the sole sponsor of a Loving Spirit Workshop in a state other than Colorado. For a donation of $3,000.00 a company can sponsor a Loving Spirit Workshop in Colorado.

It is even possible for the workshop to be held at the corporate offices if they are large enough to accommodate the logistical needs. If a company or organization is the sole sponsor we will gladly list the business in our publicity related to the event and also acknowledge the support in our opening session. A representative of the organization could attend the opening session to make a brief statement to the participants about why the decision was made to sponsor the event (but not to solicit them for any reason).

A sponsoring company or organization could also opt to have the workshop be in memory of someone, perhaps a corporate leader who died. In that case, we not only acknowledge the gift publicly but also share with the participants a brief bio and photograph of the one who is being honored as we light a memory candle at the start of the workshop. This is a simple, beautiful ceremony that sets a mood of reflection and introspection for all our participants.

Because we are a non-profit, our sessions are always open to the public. But for our organizational sponsors we will allow a grace period of time for them to announce it to their employees or clients before we make the public announcement. In that way your closest affiliates have the first option to register.

Please contact us for more information about how we might partner together to bring a Loving Spirit workshop to your community.


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