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Have you lost a loved one and are you trying to mitigate the pain in any way possible?

Has receiving the diagnosis of a major medical condition left you and your body feeling vulnerable and fearful?

Has going through a divorce left you feeling rejected or broken?

Loving Spirit would like to offer you a new perspective

In this free download, we provide you with a simple activity that can:

  • Reframe the loss you have experienced; through reflection you will gain strength to carry you through
  • Help you create the space to slow down, create balance, tap into your resilience, and return to a space of hope and healing
  • Help you see your wounding experience as sources of strength rather than merely loss, as you honor your brokenness and heal from that place.

Loving Spirit is an organization dedicated to help grieving adults recover from life’s major losses. We invite you to heal from your scars through this complimentary gift.

A note from the Author, Dayle Spencer, Founder of Loving Spirit

Dear one,

I am sorry for this difficult time in your life. I know the pain you are going through is immense. Please allow this free gift to create an opening for your healing.

When we are grieving, it is difficult to see beyond our immediate feelings of loss, sorrow, and sadness. The pain seems all encompassing.  It is difficult to make sense out of what has happened.

The exercises within take the learning from a mere common experience of loss to your personal experience with loss, to help you create healing.

Coloring the Phoenix allows your mind to calm down, focus, and be more meditative while thinking about the situation you are healing. 

We recognize that you will not fully resolve your struggles with grief from this one activity, however, it can get you on the right path. Loving Spirit offers free workshops in various areas throughout the country. After receiving this free guide, you will also receive other free resources from us to help you get relief from this deep sadness. Please feel free to reach out in your time of need, we are always here to help in any way we can.


Dayle E. Spencer, Loving Spirit


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